Styled Stock Society Member Feature: Kayleigh from Let's Talk Lady Biz

We love seeing how our members use our styled stock photos and learning more about their businesses! So each month we’re featuring one of our Styled Stock Society members – giving you a little peek at who they are, what they do, and how they are elevating their visual content with the help of their Styled Stock Society membership.

This month we’re excited to feature Kayleigh from Let’s Talk Lady Biz!

1) Tell us a little about your business. What you do and who you do it for?

I help women who are struggling to earn money grow their business with an automated, freedom-based business model so they can have the lifestyle they desire. I help them implement my 5 step business model that runs automatically behind-the-scenes to attract the right people to their content, build the know/like/trust factor, and turn them into paying clients.

2) What's one piece of advice you would give someone else who is just starting their own business?

Don’t try every strategy you find. It’s easy to get caught up in consuming content and trying every strategy you hear on a podcast or read in a blog post to grow your business. Choose 1 or 2 things that you really like doing, and your ideal audience wants, and focus your time and energy on those things. Showing up fully in 1 or 2 places will help you grow much faster than trying to juggle #AllTheThings.

3) What has been your favorite Styled Stock Society collection thus far?

I’m obsessed with all the lifestyle collections! My website and Instagram are filled with photos from the Caffeinated Entrepreneur, Work From Bed, and Cozy Entrepreneur collections.

Kayleigh says:

“I love having so many collections at my fingertips for all the different types of content I create. It’s such a great mix of mockups, lifestyle, and desktop photos that I know whatever type of graphic I have to create that day, SSS has the perfect photo.”

Examples of how Kayleigh from Let’s Talk Lady Biz uses Styled Stock Society images for her business: