Styled Stock Society Feature: Michelle of Michelle Berry Consulting

We love seeing how our members use our styled stock photos and learning more about their businesses! So each month we’re featuring one of our Styled Stock Society members – giving you a little peek at who they are, what they do, and how they are elevating their visual content with the help of their Styled Stock Society membership.

This month we’re excited to feature Michelle from Michelle Berry Consulting!

1) Tell us a little about your business – what you do and who do you do it for?

I am an etiquette and social media consultant. I train students and professionals on how to navigate professional and social situations with confidence and comfort. I do this through group training and one on one coaching. As a social media consultant, I help businesses jump-start their brands online and improve their community engagement. 

2) What's one piece of advice you would go back and tell yourself when you were first starting your business?

I would tell someone who is just starting their business to not let fear control them.  Move on your ideas and remain consistent. Success may not happen immediately, but I will happen definitely if you stay consistent. 

3) What has been your favorite Styled Stock Society collection thus far?

I absolutely love everything about SSS. This is why I decided to invest in this aspect of my brand. Seeing a beautiful, professional photo when I visit someone’s page is important to me. Having a professional stock photo instead of just a screenshot of someone else’s photo has been a complete game-changer within my brand. 

4) Tell us how being a Styled Stock Society member has made your life easier.

Being a member of SSS gives me the confidence that when I post a picture, I am communicating nothing but the best to the world. Customer prospects take you seriously when you put your best foot forward, and as an online business, having professional photos is very important. I have access to photos and business resources that make posting online so much easier. 

Here are some examples of how Michelle has used Styled Stock Society photos:

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