Styled Stock Society Feature: Jackie of Jade & Oak

We love seeing how our members use our styled stock photos and learning more about their businesses! So each month we’re featuring one of our Styled Stock Society members – giving you a little peek at who they are, what they do, and how they are elevating their visual content with the help of their Styled Stock Society membership.

1) Tell us a little about your business – what you do and who do you do it for?

I started Jade & Oak as a lifestyle blog in 2012 while I was working full time as a litigator. As I saw blogging become more popular, I noticed no one really talking about or paying attention to the legal side. I then shifted my website to help business owners and bloggers understand how to make sure they are keeping things legal. My goal is to make the legal side more accessible and less scary (or boring!)

2) What’s one piece of advice you would go back and tell yourself when you were first starting your business?

Enlist help! When I started my business, I tried to do everything all on my own, such as things like my web design (terrible idea!) I was hesitant to spend money at first, but I eventually learned it was easier to hire others for certain things or take courses to learn quickly from the experts.

3) What has been your favorite Styled Stock Society collection thus far?

I love pink everything and use it in my branding, so I love the Blush Pink Office collection. In general, I love all of the pretty pink collections since I’m a total girly girl!

4) How being a Styled Stock Society member has made your life easier?

As I mentioned above, outsourcing has been a game-changer for me. I continue to work my day job along with my business, so saving time is really important for me. I’m also a new mom, so time is even tighter now. I used to take my own photos for Instagram, but have been struggling to find the time. Using the Styled Stock Society photos has given me a beautiful Instagram feed in waaaay less time!

Here are some examples of how Jackie has used Styled Stock Society photos:

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