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You’ve got your Instagram app open, you’ve got the perfect photo for your feed… 

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Coming up with fresh Instagram content isn’t easy, no matter how those influencers make it look.

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For a limited time, Styled Stock Society is offering you an Instagram guide complete with 365 prompts so you can find the words you need in no time.

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You’re a creative entrepreneur, own a service-based business, or sell physical or digital products, and want to use Instagram to market your business.

What’s inside the guide?

Access prompts that are clearly organized by category, including:

All About You

Playing Favorites

Behind the Scenes

Market Your Business

Client / Customer Features

Grow Your Engagement

Weekly Series

National Days

How to use the prompts

The 365 caption prompts are easily customized to you, your business, and can be used over and over again to give you years worth of caption ideas!

Again, you’re welcome.

And while these prompts are ideal for use on Instagram, they can also be used on other social media platforms!

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Our Instagram prompt guide comes with a BONUS BUNDLE of 30 stock photos that you can use along with the captions – or anywhere else you market your business.

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Here’s a little taste of what you’ll get inside the guide:

Prompt #1: Introduce yourself! Tell people what you do, who you serve, and any fun facts that new followers should know about you right away. Pro-tip: don’t assume that your followers know who you are! Periodically re-introduce yourself to followers as your account grows.

Prompt #33: Share how your prep for the work week – Do you meal plan? Do you create your to-do list on Sunday nights? Do you use a paper planner or keep things digital?

Prompt #105: Let someone on your team do an Instagram takeover to show what a day in their life is like. Pro-tip: this works best on Instagram stories, but you should announce the takeover in a post so that your followers make sure to watch it!

Prompt #134: Show how your product / service could be the perfect holiday present or the perfect investment for a particular time of year.

Prompt #164: Ask a “this or that” question – this is an easy way to poll your audience, get feedback, and get more engagement. Pro-tip: use the poll feature on Instagram stories to do quick surveys

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