How to Add Screenshots to Stock Photo Mockup Images in Canva

We have tons of “mockup” style images in the Styled Stock Society library – from iPhone screens, to iPad screens, to laptop screens, to desktop computer screens, to plain stationery/ mugs / and more – but if you're not a design expert, you may have wondered how the heck do you add your screenshots/designs to our mockup images?!?

The video tutorial above walks you through how to add screenshots to our mockup style images using Canva (it's free!) so you can create beautiful graphics to show off your work.

*** Update: the Screenfly tool mentioned in the video is no longer available. We recommend using this Responsive Test Tool to preview what the screen would look like on different devices.***

Here's an alternative step by step in screenshots: 

How to add screenshot to mockup images
Start by adding a mockup style image to create your graphic. Then navigate to Elements > Grids > choose the single image grid in the top left and place it on top of your image.
How to add screenshot to mockup images in Canva
You'll need to resize the image grid by dragging on the corners / sides so that in fits inside the screen. If the device is at an angle (like in the video example above) you'll also need to rotate the image grid area.
How to add screenshot to mockup images in Canva
Finally, you'll need to upload your screenshot or design and add it to the image area by dragging from your uploads (or whatever folder you have it saved in Canva).

Tips for creating mockup graphics in Canva

If you're using a screenshot you can literally take a screenshot on whatever device you're using to create the mockup graphic OR use this free tool to create see what a website would look like on any tech device – this is particularly helpful if you don't own a particular device like an iPad, but you want to showcase your website or download on an iPad graphic.

Once you've uploaded the screenshot and added it to the stock photo in Canva, you'll most likely have to resize the screenshot to make it fit the screen perfectly. You may also need to rotate the screenshot if the tech device is at an angle like the example stock photo in the tutorial above. This part takes a bit of trial + error but you should get the screenshot within the screen without too much effort.

Using our stock photos to create mockup graphics is a great way to show off your website, but you can also use them to show off content upgrades, books, pdfs, images, designs, or pretty much anything that you might find on a screen!

Here are a few examples of ways we've used images from the Styled Stock Society member library to create mockup graphics:

In the first example, I used an iPhone mockup to share a podcast feature on my Instagram account. In the second example, I used a desktop computer mockup to show off my website. And in the last example, I used an iPad mockup to display the 365 Instagram prompts resource that's included in our member library.

Hopefully, the tutorial and tips will make it easier for you to create your own mockup graphics now – and all of the stock photos in these examples are available in the membership!