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Did you write an e-book or have a long-form downloadable you want to start promoting? Congrats — we know just how time-consuming that sort of content can be. Once you’ve got it ready to rock, though, you don’t want to just offer a bland PDF for download, right?

No! You want your e-book to look as professional on the outside (and on each page) as the content itself. That’s why we took the time to create a customizable Canva e-book template based on our beautiful Organized Home Collection.

Of course, it’s fully customizable, so you can always make it your own (if an organized home ain’t your thing). 

We know you already spent a ton of time writing your e-book, so why waste more time (and brain space) on the design? We did it for you.

Make sure your e-book’s outside match its insides with this customizable Canva template

With this e-book Canva template kit, you get 10 templates:

  • A cover page
  • A table of contents page
  • An about page
  • Section page 1
  • Section page 2 (variation)
  • 4 page layouts, including single column, 2 column, with small image placeholder, and a larger header image placeholder
  • A call to action page

Duplicate pages, use your favorite layouts, and customize the colors based on your brand or e-book’s contents. 

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Never used Canva before? These templates are incredibly easy to open up in Canva and start customizing for your brand!