5 Ways to Use Styled Stock Photos to Market Your Online Business

Stock photos for online marketing

When you invest in styled stock photography, you want to get the absolute most out of every #doubletapworthy photo. That's why it's so important to find versatile stock photos that are on brand if you plan to usestock photos to market your online business

Once you've found those perfect pics, don't let them collect dust! Pop those beauties out time and time again to show off your brand's style and grow your online business. Here are five ways to market your online business using styled stock photos:

Engage your Followers with Eye-Catching Social Media Posts – on ALL Platforms

Let's face it, we love a good aesthetic. It’s way more likely that someone will slow their scroll and pay attention to a striking image. And I don’t just mean on Instagram, either. A social media post that includes a photo is ten times more likely to get engagement. (source) Ten. Times. Images on Twitter and Facebook are just as important as your visual feed on Instagram.
Bottom line is that if you're using social media to market your online business, you need a library of gorgeous, versatile photos to do it right.

When you know how to use styled stock photos on social media you can build brand recognition and raise engagement with gorgeous photos that you don't have to spend hours staging and editing.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Pinnable Graphics

Most of the traffic for Styled Stock Society comes from Pinterest, and that's not exactly a mind-blowing fact. Five percent of all website referral traffic is driven by this powerful platform. (source)

Pinterest users are active, ready to engage with brands and most importantly: extremely visual. There are very specific guidelines to adhere to when creating share-worthy blog graphics for Pinterest that make all the difference between a lackluster pin and an evergreen pin that will continue to drive traffic to your website.

Our Styled Stock Society collections include gorgeous vertical images that are ideal for creating pins that attract attention so you can market your online business on Pinterest.

Maximize the Impact of Your Email Marketing

Despite our international obsession with connectivity apps and social media, email is still the most cost-effective form of digital marketing, earning the highest return on investment per dollar spent. (source)

The thing is your subscribers don't need a bi-weekly novel from you in their inbox. They need the highlights, and you need impactful images that make them want to click to learn more. Most images in our stunning collections of stock photos can be quickly modified with custom text, making it easy for you to take your newsletter to the next level.

Get the Highest ROI on your Paid Ads

When you invest money in a paid advertisement, you always want to put your best photo forward. Striking images have an enormous impact on the click-through rate for advertisements: the right image can double or even triple your engagement. (source)

For an ad that does the job right, choose a colorful photo related to the content, product or service you're promoting. You can even create a few versions of your ad with the same images to build brand awareness and simplify your marketing.

Build Excitement for Your Webinar or Workshop

If you're planning a webinar or workshop you have poured your heart, soul and just about all your free time into the preparation. Luckily, using styled stock photography to create promotional images for your upcoming event can be super easy.

Our Styled Stock Society collections feature complimentary images that work beautifully in ad campaigns. Pick a few of your favorites that fit your aesthetic, plug in the details and put the marketing side of your webinar or workshop on autopilot so you can focus on everything else.

Using Stock Photos to Market Your Online Business

Using styled stock photography can have a huge impact on your brand's success while saving you so much time and energy. Forget scrambling for photos: when you join the Styled Stock Society, you get gorgeous stock photos to market your online business every single week.

And just because we like you, here are twenty free chic styled stock photos to get you started!